We have a passion for real fruit! At Blue Owl Preserves, we focus on the flavor of the delicious fruit, especially in-season Colorado peaches, rhubarb, apricots, berries and apples.  We work directly with local farms and buy in bulk to preserve the harvest for making jam year round with the sweetest, ripest fruits. We use organic fruits whenever possible and supplement with the best fruits we can find for not-grown-in-Colorado fruit flavors.  Then there is the sugar, or lack of.  We often wonder why many jams have as much as 12g of sugar!  That is basically all sugar with a little bit of fruit flavoring.  For one, sugar is inexpensive and fruit is not.  At Blue Owl Preserves, we are committed to bringing you spoonfuls of fruit, not sugar and put the smallest amount we need to add to the recipe with only 3g per serving to create a delicious product.  The fruit is the star of our jams, not the sugar.